How to select the best Aftermarket Wheels for your vehicle

How to select the best Aftermarket Wheels for your vehicle

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4 Tips to Save Money When Buying Aftermarket or Performance

ESR Wheels written by: Orator When most people make the decision to add performance wheels to their car, one of the first things they consider is the cost. If it’s done the wrong way than buying aftermarket wheels can be a grueling, expensive task. To avoid all that unpleasantness, use the following tips to help make your part buying cheaper and more pleasant.
1) Read the Paper

In the age of smartphones, the paper might seem kind of antiquated, but not everyone is as tech savvy as you. For a long time, the local newspaper was the main way people sold things. It won’t take long, or cost you much to buy a paper and give it a quick look through for any deals on tires.
2) Check the Classifieds Websites
Speaking of the paper, it’s equivalent replacement on the internet undoubtedly has to be classifieds sites like Craigslist. Thousands of ads are posted everyday on this website, and it could represent big savings for you. Make sure when you’re searching to include nearby areas in your search results. An extra few hours trip might end up saving you hundreds of dollars.
3) Search Ebay and Amazon

You would be hard pressed to find anyone online who hasn’t heard of eBay or Amazon. Both of these sites are giants when it comes to selling items, and rightly so. Their selections are vast, and it’s easy to find great deals on there with a little research. I suggest checking eBay first, as their auction format could offer you the chance to snag some performance wheels at half price.
4) Give Facebook a Try
This might come as a surprise to you, but a lot of selling is done on Facebook everyday. There are all kinds of local groups who sell items to each other, and often at a heavy discount. It’s definitely worth taking the time to look, and see if there are any groups in your area selling aftermarket esr wheels cheaply, we recommend heading over to esr wheels online as they are a provider of some of the cheapest wheels around.
Final Word
Finding the lowest price for your new purchase isn’t rocket science, or even that time consuming. All it takes is a little research, and patience. The potential money you can save will be well worth the cost.



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