Coilover Kits and Maintenance regarding your everday Automotive Suspension.

Coilover Kits and Maintenance regarding your everday Automotive Suspension.

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If people think about street racing or or car performance often they first think of horsepower along with torque. Yet, the thing that is critical and quite often overlooked is the car suspension. It does not matter how fast the car, how much power your motor has, if the racing car driver can’t handle the vehicle, then all power is useless.

Car suspension holds the task of maximizing friction which goes from road to tires, tires to pavement. The steering should also considerably more stable, along with excellent handling.

When street racing, ones car suspension is even more essential, as we know, the pavement is not perfect, flat or smooth, it will have holes and bumps which ultimately is what causes friction. Consider Murphys Law of Motion in this situation, the use of magnitude and direction. All cracks or bumps in the road are what make the wheels move up and down and perpendicular to the pavement. Magnitude is reliant upon how big or small a crack or divot or pothole is which the wheel is in contact with. The wheel consequently will utilize vertical acceleration as it passes over such.

This is where the suspension plays the huge role. A typical bc racing suspension kit will consist of the following: the chassis (also known as frame), mountings, arms, coilovers, bushes, springs, struts and shock absorber. The usage of your street racing or off road, it might be advisable to have your repair shop install anti-roll bars or better still torsion antis way bars.

In street racing and everyday driving, the steering wheel and suspension system with the tires will be the deciding factor on how your vehicle drives on the road. The actual suspension system is what will connect the wheel to the vehicles frame. The suspension should act as a barrier and allowing a smooth ride if it is functioning properly, for when you may hit ding, divots, and bumps and big or small pothole, it will thus maintain vehicle stability and control.

To maintain a smooth functioning suspension and steering, proper wheel alignment is mandatory. You will want to have yours maintained and serviced at a mechanic that employs all the latest technologies, these include lasers & wheel mounted sensors, these technologies and methods allow for very precise alignments.

Non-independent cars are cars that have rear wheel drive, which is in the rear of the vehicle. There will be one axle which is solid and it will connect a wheel on both ends. When one wheel is redirected or bounced by a pothole the other wheel is also redirected or bounced due to the fact the two have a solid connection between them. If this happens, loss of reliability and stability is likely. Often these car coilovers are used on vehicles which have four wheel drive, and are large and used for heavy duty reasons, and are solid and rugged. An example is the BC BR suspension, these kits are available for all makes and models of vehicles.

Car suspensions in reality must be maintained, and should follow their manufactures guidelines.


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