How to Wash your Motorcycle Equipment

How to Wash your Motorcycle Equipment

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Motorcycle Dreamin’ assumes no liability for misuse of its products. Items that are embellished with crystals, nail heads, and other decorative notions require special care. Please see the following laundering instructions specific to these items. Our products are meant for adult wear/use and should never be provided as a toy or comfort item to small children or pets.

Laundering Crystals

We recommend laundering all crystal embellished items by hand. Harsh detergents, hot water or dryer heat may cause the glue to weaken. Friction in the washer or dryer may cause the crystals to become loose. Never iron an area with crystals attached.

If you choose to machine wash designer doo rags with crystals, they should be placed inside out in a soft washing bag. Should you decide to machine wash t-shirts embellished with crystals, they should be turned inside out. All rhinestone embellishments will last longer with hand washing instead of machine washing. However, as a test, we have washed and dried on low heat our personal crystal embellished items many times, with acceptable results.

Laundering Screen Printed Items

Turning screen printed items inside out before machine washing and using cool water and low heat in the dryer will yield good results. Avoid ironing areas of the item that are screen-printed.


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